Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The March issue of InD'tale magazine has published

The March issue of InD'tale magazine has published and it is FULL of awesome, amazing interviews, articles and book reviews to help you find the very BEST of what you enjoy reading!

Check it out online! www.indtale.com


Join us as we sit down with Kerrelyn Sparks, who has just finished her long running and wildly popular paranormal series, "Love at Stake" and learn about her exciting new series! Come get to know the sweet, fun loving star.

What happens when you mix an up-and-coming country singer, an award-winning ballroom dancer, and a romance cover model? You get
Jackson Young! And guess what? He is also a military veteran who devotes a large part of his time and love in helping other veterans causes! His story is an incredibly interesting one and the man, himself, is one everyone will love getting to know!


Read it Loud, Read it Proud by Megan Tayte
Karen Azinger talkes POVE "Through the Eye of the Beholder"
Sofia St. Angeles teaches us about Archetyping the Guru 

And Ann B. Richardson discusses Boutique Audiobook Self-publishing... A Whole New and Viable Option!
Along with Carolyn Ridder Aspenson's awesome serial Mystery, "Unbinding Love

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